Friday, September 30, 2011

I wish we had a brain.

Yes, Yes! The tital is from the Wizard of Oz!!  Hahaha.

•If you wear this out, and it's cold enough for you to have on a hoodie, yet you choose to wear shorts that show your butt, I  DO NOT want to hear you complain about being cold.  Honestly, It's stupid.. Did you really think before you got dressed?   This is how I conversation went down one time.
Stupid person: "OMG.. It's soooo cold."
Me:  "Wear pants."
Stupid person: "What does that have to do with anything?"
Me: ".... -_-...  Well, if it's cold, dress for the weather."
SP: "I am.. I have a hoodie on."
Me: *thinking. 'Please, go crawl in a hole and die. You have no purpose in this world.'* Says "Well.. you're sitting on metal bleachers.. But.. You're butt is hanging out of your shorts. Metal bleachers are cold. Skin is touching the cold.. So.. You're cold."
SP: "But I look hot."
Me: Thinking. PLEASE. JUST GO CRAWL IN A HOLE. "Well..  You also think you look hot in bikini, but you don't wear that in the winter..."
SP: "Well Noooo silly. It's cold then! and all the pools are closed."

People like that make me wish I was born about 25 years before my orginal birth, or that I could smack them with a chair..  FOR REAL.
Does ANYONE think anymore? Ever? I swear, people make me want to vomit.  WHY MUST PEOPLE WANT TO BE LIKE EVERYONE ELSE? If we had some orginality, we might actually get someone, but if my generation is more concerned with "looking hot" than what REALLY matters in life we should go ahead and wave a white flag. " I surrender Future, I'm just stupid and While I'm giving up. Let me make sure I look hot.  I need my butt and boobs hanging out."

Goodness. Get a brain.

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