Friday, December 14, 2012

What could cause this?

What could make a person walk into an elementary school, and open fire on innocent kids?
What could make a person walk into a movie theater and shoot random people?
What could make a person lose so much value in their own life?
What could make a person lose so much value in their own life, it starts to make our lives worthless also?

Can someone not glance at another person and see a life, see meaning?
That person at the supermarket, at the bank, five doors down, across the world, IS A PERSON.
They are son/daughter, mother/father, Aunt/Uncle, Best Friend/Lover, Worker, a Human.
Every person here on this earth MEANS SOMETHING TO SOMEONE.

I do not understand. There are TONS of people who really, just... get on my last nerve.  Honestly, I probably do the same to you.  Yet, never once have I looked at someone and just saw flesh. Never Just saw someone taking up space.  We are all different. We mean something.  As a whole, as individual, as a family. We Mean Something.  You Mean Something.

The shooting in Newton, CT.... The teachers....  The children.  THE. CHILDREN.

I may not be able to handle being around kids for a long period of time, but you mess with the unborn and innocent children in the world. I will lose my mind.   My friend sent me a text about it.  I don't know these kids, or their families.  I sat in my bedroom and cried.   I want to fly there and just love on these people.   Just Love Them.

These children.....  These babies...  FIVE YEAR OLDS...   My mother teaches kindergarten.   I can't even understand... 

What was missing from the shooters life?  What could make him lose sooo much value in himself?  To take this kind of action against people.  Not just people, CHILDREN.

My heart is completely shattered.   I cannot describe what's going on in my head about this.  I know I cannot make it better for these families.   If I could hop on plane and just hug them or... make them supper. I don't know.  This is crazy.   Everyone in America is uniting in prayer for these families.   Remember them over this Christmas holiday, because while you get to hug you kids, these families have unopened present assigned for the innocent lives lost today.