Wednesday, August 31, 2011

They know your insane, but loves you just the same.

I believe that God has given us many gifts. And I firmly believe that the gift of friendship is one of them.

We all have friends,  surface friends, take-this-secret-to-the-grave friends, fake friends, friend friends, and best friends.

Surface friends: You know the people I'm talking about. You talk to the, but keep the conversation light and never anything deep. You might go get some coffee one day or something but other than that you don't really "hang-out" or anything.  Which these friends are totally fine, because you can't trust everyone.  You'll get burned really bad if you do.

take-this-secret-to-the-grave: I think we all probably have friends like this. That one person who something really deep about you. Or was with you when you BOTH did something really bad, or stupid. And whatever happened that day/night stay between you and that person. until the grave.

Fake Friends: I know we ALL have those.  Someone who you thought was your friend but stabs you in the back every time. or Just someone who is nice to you to your face then can turn around and say really nasty things about you.

Friends:  You probably hang-out and talk to these people more than surface friends. That's basically it. They probably also know more about you than the surface friends would.

But; what describes a best friend? That is probably different for every person. You definitely don't want someone who is constantly tearing you down; I mean, the devil does that enough by himself!

Maybe, a best friend is someone you can tell everything too. Maybe your best friend can read you like a book, you know what I mean, Just one glance and they know EXACTLY what you mean.  Maybe your best friend is your spouse, but hopefully you have at least one more than that, because, we ALL know that your spouse can drive you crazy. (well, I don't know that. because I'm 17 and obviously not married. Thank God)

I also think that, a best friend should be someone you can call up and they will make time to talk with you.  If you're having a problem, they will be there for you. They may not be able to solve it, But tat least you don't have to face it alone.   They won't judge you, or give harsh comments. (unless absolutely needed)  Ya know, Just be real.  I also think, that they shouldn't be afraid to be themselves.  In every way. 

I honestly pray for people that they can have that kind of friend.  Because, I really don't know where I'd be without a best friend.  She is someone who I feel like I can go to with anything, just to talk, laugh, cry, hang out, or pray with.  She has no clue how much I thank God for her. For EVERYTHING she has done for me, been there for me through, and just being that weird-o that I love! 

You possibly already have that kind of friend.   I just wanted to write this to... maybe warn people about fake friends, having that gaurd around your heart.  I don't go being all anti-social and such.  Just being careful. It will save you much pain in the early years of your life, and help you well on into adulthood. :)

Friday, August 26, 2011

God gives hope; When hope is the farthest thing from you.

Honestly; This week has been... everything but wonderful. Anything that could go wrong, WENT WRONG.
Ever since Sunday it's like life has just been "I think you could use a little wreck of this and an explosion of that." I have just sat at home thinking "Well, tomorrow can't be any worse." Yet there has managed to BE SOMETHING that breaks me down a little bit more, and eats at me, and just tears me down.

I remember sitting on my bed Wednesday night, was SWAMPED with homework and couldn't make it church. When I KNEW church was the EXACT place I needed to be.  I felt horrible and defeated.  I just sat there.... overwhelmed.  I remember looking over the side of my bed and seeing my Bible laying on the floor.  I just said "I've been reading for 5 hours. I'm sick of this."  I knew it was wrong, because that's what I should've been doing.

I face planted in my bed, I just started crying.  I felt so alone. In this huge hole, that I'll never get out of.   I just said out loud, "God, I really can't do this anymore. I need something to happen. I need YOU to happen."
You better believe I cried myself to sleep that night. (no shame, don't act like you haven't done it)

The next day, Thrusday, it started off a bad day. (hit my toe on my dresser. Stupid pinkie toe.) Thing got worse from there. That day, for somer reason, everytime something bad happened, no matter how big or small, I kept reminding myself, "God has got it." when thing got worse, "God's light shines brighter after a storm."

Maybe to you, it sounds "dumb" but I had a totally different outlook on Thrusday. I know, God NEVER lets you weather a storm alone.  Instead of focusing on all the bad things that were happening, God help me capture every thought and focus it on HIM.  GOD is wayyyy bigger than ANY of these temp. problems in my life.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Can we seriously take off the mask?

I just want to be serious right off the bat.

Number one; no one knows what goes on behind the scences in someone's life.  When you see someone, you are only seeing what they want to show you. You have no idea what is going on in their life, what storm they are facing.

"Hey, are you okay?" When we ask that question (which is rare in the first place) we all hope that the other person says "Yeah, I'm fine."  Whether we realize it or not, whenever we ask "hey are you okay", we don't realize that we actually EXPECT the person to say "yeah, I'm fine." 

The world is looking for people that actually care.  They have people who don't care, won't care, never have cared. They have people who have never told them "I love you" they have all that. What they are really looking for are people who CARE. Who REALLY care.

What if you asked that question and the person said "No. Actually. I'm not fine." What do you say then? "Oh.. I hope your life gets better soon!" or "Oh, I'm sorry."  or maybe, for once.. Respond with "Do you want to talk about it?" And don't look at your watch to see if you can "make time for them." and don't *sigh* and say "well.. What's wrong with YOU." 

People are looking for people who they can be themselves around. Be themselves, and have people that can listen and relate to what they are going through.  If we are supposing to be helping people, then we should be doing more listening than we do talking.   Ears are the gateway to the heart.  Think of all the people we could reach with Jesus, if we actually took time to hear people out.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Single and... Waiting for God to let me mingle??

Okay; So I've figured out that a major part of the "teenage years" is an awkward little thing life likes to call "dating."   And EVERYONE wants to know who you're dating or if you're dating, and it's like EVERYONE thinks you should be dating.

PERSONAL EXPERIENCE:  Honesty Here;  I'm 17. I've never been on a date, or too a dance or any of those "normal" things people my age are "supposed" to be doing.   Family get-togethers are always containing conversations like
Person: "So... You got a boyfriend."
Me: "No."
Or I can get sarcastic:
Person: "Soo. You got a boyfriend?"
Me: "Well, yeah."
Person: "Oh really? Who is he?! Where did you meet him?"
Me: "Well; I know him by Bigg Money$$ and he gave me some cash one time for me to... LOL JK. I don't have a boyfriend. Stop being nosey."

But seriously, I feel like, just because I'm a teenager people expect me to be jumping through hoops to getting a guys attention.  I think; God has a someone out there for me.  He could possibly be in my school or across the world. (and if not, God is enough for me through anything)but How would I feel if I was like most girls my age today, later met the guy God has for me and I have to tell him I've already slept someone.

Don't get me wrong, I know every relationship doesn't have sex before marriage, but WHY would I even want to place myself in position where sex or  something could get out of hand.   I have morals, and I stand firm in what I believe in.  I don't want to even be in a situation where I would think for A SECOND that crossing my moral line was okay.

 Now; would I think it's cool to maybe, be taken out on a date, well yeah.  I mean, I think it'd be pretty nifty. But, I'm not about to sacrifice myself and what I believe in just for some guy.  Us, females, have lowered our standards by SO MUCH.   I really don't understand why.  We are Princesses of the KING OF KINGS. Why are we settling for the court jests when we can have our real life Prince Charming?

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Saggin' is NOT swaggin'.

First off; can I please be real with you all? I'm not afraid to step on toes, because the truth is the truth whether YOU like it or NOT. 

I'd have to say that this generation of Teenagers is by far the most exposed generation... It's as if we can't cover up our bodies at all! I go to Wal*Mart and I feel like I see more crack than a nude beach!  I feel like my peers have NO self respect.

Dear Guys,
 Having your pants hanging to the middle of thighs, is NOT COOL.  I don't know the idiot who started that, but in what world is showing off your boxers anywhere NEAR the word "cool" or "swag".  (For all you older people out there "swag" is a new word for "cool" or "groovy" as you might say.)  I don't wanna see your undies, and neither does my mom. okay?  I mean,  if you're gonna buy clothes, please make them fit. FOR REAL.
OH, and listening to music that talks about gettin' high and sexing a girl all night, or going to pick up hoes and make them do "naughty" things is not cool.  ANY girl with ANY respect for herself, wouldn't put up with that. We are ladies. TREAT US LIKE IT.

Dear Girls,
   You probably completely agree with me on the "treat me like a lady" part. BUT; if you want to be treated like a lady. YOU HAVE TO BE A LADY.  You walk out dressed like a skank, guess how you're going to be treated? I don't want to see you at out in public with your boobs popping out of your shirt and your butt cheeks hanging out. "Don't wanna see it, then don't look at it" is what most of you think, but HOW DO YOU NOT noticed a person Half dressed? Sometimes, I just want to make you footies PJ's just to make sure your covered.   Then, Some of you get all mad when guys stare at you; well... Don't have everything hanging out. SELF RESPECT!