Friday, September 30, 2011

What shape are Your Shoes in?

I've noticed that we live in a time that is all about "me, me, me, me, me."  We don't really care about other people unless it concerns us.   We're also so incredibly judgmental. Just because someone is a little bit different than we are, it's like we put up this barrier, thinking that us and that person won't have anything in common.  Within a two minute conversation with a person, we have already put ourselves above below that person. They aren't the "kind of people" I hang out with.   Some people tend to become rude and mean to that person.

Most of the time, we never stop to think what that person maybe facing.  We all know "Walk a mile in my shoes."  You don't have to walk mile, just stop and think where those shoes might have tromped through.  Maybe they have trucked through many muddy areas, nice and warm from the sun shining down, or soaking wet from the storms they've faced.  Looking at their shoes, we see the outside, what they want us to see.  Maybe every morning they get up, wipe off the dirt, sew up some patches, and act like everything is all together.  When, on the inside, they're soaking wet and falling apart.

Then someone comes in with their shoes shined to the max, "Fly Out The Hizz House", groovy baby, shoes.  Looking like you have it all together, when on the inside, your shoes are more disgusting than theirs. 

Why do we do that? We don't know what someone has been through, why do we put up this "shield", and say hurtful things...?  I do it too! I'm not digging into you. If you know me at all, you know I'm the first to throw out sarcastic remarks!  But I try to make sure the person knows I am joking.  I'm even trying to cut out sarcasm altogether.  How would I feel if a peer or someone came to me, seeking shelter from the storm they're in, and all I offer are sarcastic remarks?  I just added to the storm.  People aren't going to come up and say "Hey, I'm having a rough time."  I'm just saying, everyone is going through a storm, will you be a glimpse of sunlight or a strike of lightning?

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