Friday, October 7, 2011

I think we are missing something...?

Straight up.  I think something is missing from most churches nowadays.

I'm starting to think it's God.


Yeah, Yeah I did.   I think some church are really missing the point to what the church is SUPPOSED to stand for.  I've been to some churches where it was all clicks ,and if you didn't belong to certain click, you were constantly harped on by other members.  I've been to churches where it's all about the worship team, or the worship leader. Who could sing the loudest or the best, who had lead.  It wasn't on God anymore, instead it was more like "I Exalt Me."  instead of exalting Him.  I've been to churches where it was about the preachers. The the preacher-ah preached like this-ah. Then the people-ah will getting into the message-ah.  When really it was  all empty words..  Some churches, are all about religion.


Yeah, Yeah I did.  Jesus HATED religion, and religious leaders.   In one story, where a man sat next to pool of water, and every soo often the water would be stirring, and if the water was stirring and you got in you would be healed.  Jesus talked to that man one day, healed the man and said "Pick up your mat and go."  You maybe thinking, "How is this showing He hated religion?  Well, Jesus did this on a Sunday, the Sabbath.  No work was to be on the Sabbath.  (Apparently the dude carrying his mat home was "work")  The Religious leaders stopped him and asked "Why are you walking. You've never been able to walk."  "That awesome amazing guy over there did."

Being the Son of God that Jesus was, I'm sure he was fully aware of the fact that no work was to be done on the Sabbath, but he healed the man away.  I think, part of the reason Jesus did this, was to show how much He hate all these rules, these non-sense "religious laws", they had come up with.   Yet, some churches are starting to be more into religion instead of a relationship with Jesus.    No one wants to make anyone feel uncomfortable at church... Jesus wasn't to worried about making people uncomfortable,  freaking people out with His awesome powers and stuff.   Why do we contain our love for Him?  

If I was Jesus, and I carried that HUGE cross up this massive hill, Got beat almost to death, hung on a cross, stabbed, Beat up Satan and Hell,  and got raised again. I wouldn't want these two-second prayers "Dear Jesus, Thank you for everything, Help me be better. Amen."  (When the prayers actually tanslate into "Dear Guy I'm forced to pray to,  I got everything under control. I'm really glad I can live my life the way I want, and still think I'm okay with you.")

I, myself, am more concerned with the praise I think Jesus deserves.  I don't care is around, or who is listening, or what people are thinking, or what your "rules" say.  When my God tells me to WORSHIP, I will give it all I got. I'll jump, dance, stand still, fall on my face, cry, sing, or dance.  I'll do ANYTHING for the GOD that didn't have to ANYTHING for me, INSTEAD He does EVERYTHING for me.

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  1. Preach it-ah, Girl-ah! Aaamen-ah! - Karen