Friday, September 9, 2011

Jesus: The Landscaper

Jesus is a lot of different things.  He is our provider, our shelter, our God, our perfect sacrifice. The list can go on and on, but people usually don't see Jesus as a landscaper.

Well, we all have garden. We, ourselves, can't take care of it; so Whadda we do? Noo, We don't call ghostbusters. WEEEE. Hire a landscaper.  Jesus shows up at our door, we just need some stuff water and stuff. Not a big deal.

Jesus waters your garden. Watches it grow day by day, giving you the best treatment.  Then one day, he notices your branches are starting to get a little crazy.  Reaching over the fences, producing thorns, starting to reach over each other, choking out another branch.  Jesus isn't going to take a weed-eater and chop it back. He'll ask you, "If I keep coming, I'm going to need to take complete control of your garden. Not just water it, but, if you let me in I'll trim your garden into something.. something beautiful? If not, I must go to another person, who will let me work." 

The ball is in your court.  Say no, and Jesus leaves, letting your branches choke each other out, letting the roots die.  No longer bearing fruit, your garden is useless.  Say yes, and Jesus can make that mess into a beautiful.

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