Friday, September 30, 2011

I wish we had a brain.

Yes, Yes! The tital is from the Wizard of Oz!!  Hahaha.

•If you wear this out, and it's cold enough for you to have on a hoodie, yet you choose to wear shorts that show your butt, I  DO NOT want to hear you complain about being cold.  Honestly, It's stupid.. Did you really think before you got dressed?   This is how I conversation went down one time.
Stupid person: "OMG.. It's soooo cold."
Me:  "Wear pants."
Stupid person: "What does that have to do with anything?"
Me: ".... -_-...  Well, if it's cold, dress for the weather."
SP: "I am.. I have a hoodie on."
Me: *thinking. 'Please, go crawl in a hole and die. You have no purpose in this world.'* Says "Well.. you're sitting on metal bleachers.. But.. You're butt is hanging out of your shorts. Metal bleachers are cold. Skin is touching the cold.. So.. You're cold."
SP: "But I look hot."
Me: Thinking. PLEASE. JUST GO CRAWL IN A HOLE. "Well..  You also think you look hot in bikini, but you don't wear that in the winter..."
SP: "Well Noooo silly. It's cold then! and all the pools are closed."

People like that make me wish I was born about 25 years before my orginal birth, or that I could smack them with a chair..  FOR REAL.
Does ANYONE think anymore? Ever? I swear, people make me want to vomit.  WHY MUST PEOPLE WANT TO BE LIKE EVERYONE ELSE? If we had some orginality, we might actually get someone, but if my generation is more concerned with "looking hot" than what REALLY matters in life we should go ahead and wave a white flag. " I surrender Future, I'm just stupid and While I'm giving up. Let me make sure I look hot.  I need my butt and boobs hanging out."

Goodness. Get a brain.

What shape are Your Shoes in?

I've noticed that we live in a time that is all about "me, me, me, me, me."  We don't really care about other people unless it concerns us.   We're also so incredibly judgmental. Just because someone is a little bit different than we are, it's like we put up this barrier, thinking that us and that person won't have anything in common.  Within a two minute conversation with a person, we have already put ourselves above below that person. They aren't the "kind of people" I hang out with.   Some people tend to become rude and mean to that person.

Most of the time, we never stop to think what that person maybe facing.  We all know "Walk a mile in my shoes."  You don't have to walk mile, just stop and think where those shoes might have tromped through.  Maybe they have trucked through many muddy areas, nice and warm from the sun shining down, or soaking wet from the storms they've faced.  Looking at their shoes, we see the outside, what they want us to see.  Maybe every morning they get up, wipe off the dirt, sew up some patches, and act like everything is all together.  When, on the inside, they're soaking wet and falling apart.

Then someone comes in with their shoes shined to the max, "Fly Out The Hizz House", groovy baby, shoes.  Looking like you have it all together, when on the inside, your shoes are more disgusting than theirs. 

Why do we do that? We don't know what someone has been through, why do we put up this "shield", and say hurtful things...?  I do it too! I'm not digging into you. If you know me at all, you know I'm the first to throw out sarcastic remarks!  But I try to make sure the person knows I am joking.  I'm even trying to cut out sarcasm altogether.  How would I feel if a peer or someone came to me, seeking shelter from the storm they're in, and all I offer are sarcastic remarks?  I just added to the storm.  People aren't going to come up and say "Hey, I'm having a rough time."  I'm just saying, everyone is going through a storm, will you be a glimpse of sunlight or a strike of lightning?

Monday, September 19, 2011


I'm just going to be real right now.

This is one thing that I CAN NOT stand.
Fakers. We ALLLL know what I'm talking about...

Something I'm noticing more and more are fakers in the church.  Especially in my age group. I. CAN. NOT. STAND. IT.

Being Holy on Sundays and Wednesdays, then going to school cussing, drinking, dressing to wear everything hangs out, and dancing these "dances" that involve, being honest here, Things that shouldn't be done until your wedding night.   How can you even claim to be a "christian" when you partake in these things?  Then you ask people "Well... Why can I not reach my school for God?"  "Why do I feel like I'm not spreading the Word like I should?"

People watch EVERYTHING we do.  People listen to EVERYTHING we say.  Waiting for us to slip up.  Satan does a good job of stumbling us, why are we surrounding ourselves with people who cause even more problems in our walk?  Making a mistake is one thing, but purposely doing it... That's when your in a dangerous spot.   Now, you're lukewarm.  If even that.   I'm not saying I'm perfect, NO ONE IS. but  I do not set myself up for a chance for me too fail.

"I'm trying to witness to them, that the only reason why I hang out with the people who party and drink." Witness to them all you want, but once you start doing what they do, it's not witnessing anymore.

Most schools have this "FCS" Fellowship of Christian Students, or something along those lines, that meet maybe once a day or once a week, to have a little Devo. pray, and go to class...  I was recently at a large outting with people from from all over my town; I walked up to groups of people, who some of them I've seen walking out of FCS, and I wanted to throw up. Smoking? Cussing? I was dumbfounded.

Double life much?!  How in the world do you expect to reach people with Jesus, when his "follower" aren't living it.   You may have everyone else fooled on Sundays and Wednesdays, but you can't fool yourself. And you DEFINITELY can't fool God.  

Friday, September 16, 2011

Future can be a Scary Place.

In case you haven't noticed, I'm basically trying my hardest to be in the Will of God.   I'm not going to lie; it's a hard task sometimes.. Plus, being a teenager and trying to live for HIM isn't easy either.  I'm not trying to throw a "woe is me" party right or brag that I'm trying hard either, but it's just a lot for me to keep in mind sometimes.  Philippians 4:6-7 says, (in my words and shorten) Don't worry about anything, instead pray about everything. Let God know your needs, and leave everything to Him. Then you will know His peace; which surpasses out understanding.

The future FREAKS. ME. OUT.  I hate not knowing what I'm going to be doing.  Being a senior in high school, I'm supposed to be picking out colleges right now.  There is one place I would really like to go, Lee University, a Church of God school. I can go there, get my degree in communications and study God's word with other beleivers who are called into ministry. 

A few year's ago, a worship leader, and Thanks and Praise be to God, I was able to learn piano.  Music is something near and dear to me in the first place, but learning piano took me to a whole new place with God.  I was able to play and sing to MY LORD, without having someone lead me into worship. I could worship, my words and my feelings to my Savior.  Then, she asked me to play during worship at church.  Just being able to help lead people into the presence of God was amazing.  He was using a teenager to lead more people to HIM.  That's when I felt the call on my life that I was going to be a worship leader.

Time pasted, things happened, words are exchanged, feelings are hurt, and confusion set in.  I started questioning what God had told me.  Maybe, the piano was just a hobby. I'm not even supposed to be playing piano.  I'll never be as good as so-and-so.  That's a horrible place to be for ANYONE.  You stop everything, and now, you're not even doing anything for Him.

Being outside of God's Will, once you've been in it before, IS. HORRIBLE.  I know that I need to be using any and every talent/ability He has given me to glorify Him.  But, past experiences make me question everything: "Well, remember, I was told I shouldn't be in worship."  "I wasn't good enough then, what makes me think I am now?" or. You  just ignore it all together and eventually get used to feeling of misery. 

Coming to the point where you DON'T CARE what people will think of your worship. You know, it's to praise him with everything you have.  Raise you hands, Jump up and down, Shout, Dance, Leap, Bow, Cry, GIVE GOD THE PRAISE HE DESERVES.  Step out and use your abilities and talents he has given you.  Whether that means just vacuuming the church, singing/playing on praise team, or greeting people. Go DO ANYTHING that is pleasing to God.  If you let people hold you back from ANYTHING you're doing for God, then, it's a waste.  There is NO way you can please God and man. 

Imagine; what would happen if  we gave HIM the praise HE DESERVES instead of giving Him the praise we feel like that day.  Who are YOU worshiping? The praises of people or the LORD of LORDS?

Friday, September 9, 2011

Jesus: The Landscaper

Jesus is a lot of different things.  He is our provider, our shelter, our God, our perfect sacrifice. The list can go on and on, but people usually don't see Jesus as a landscaper.

Well, we all have garden. We, ourselves, can't take care of it; so Whadda we do? Noo, We don't call ghostbusters. WEEEE. Hire a landscaper.  Jesus shows up at our door, we just need some stuff water and stuff. Not a big deal.

Jesus waters your garden. Watches it grow day by day, giving you the best treatment.  Then one day, he notices your branches are starting to get a little crazy.  Reaching over the fences, producing thorns, starting to reach over each other, choking out another branch.  Jesus isn't going to take a weed-eater and chop it back. He'll ask you, "If I keep coming, I'm going to need to take complete control of your garden. Not just water it, but, if you let me in I'll trim your garden into something.. something beautiful? If not, I must go to another person, who will let me work." 

The ball is in your court.  Say no, and Jesus leaves, letting your branches choke each other out, letting the roots die.  No longer bearing fruit, your garden is useless.  Say yes, and Jesus can make that mess into a beautiful.

Friday, September 2, 2011

A Beautiful White Wedding.

Soo.  Every little girl dreams of having a beautiful wedding, her perfect man standing at the end of the aisle, looking at her wide-eyes in awe of how lovely she looks.  Her, dressed in a beautiful white gown; holding a wonderful gathering of her favorite flowers in front of her.  Looking among the crowd, she sees her family and friends smiling, taking pictures, giving her the thumbs up.  Walking forward, she sees the two people who have cared for her the most, tears in her mother's eyes. Her father acting like he is totally normal, but dying on the inside just at the thought of giving away his baby girl. 

I was in a conversation with a peer today about how she wanted her wedding to be... She told me all about it, from the place, to the man, to the flowers, to the dress... OHHHH GUURRRLLL!!! The dress, she wanted to look BEAUTIFUL, in a long white dress.. But, she is one of those girls who, unfortunatly, haven't said pure for her husband...

A white wedding dress is a symbol for the woman's purity.  It represents that she waited for her one true love, the one that she does become one flesh with.  And I don't think that we honor that anymore. We act as if a white wedding dress is what is supposed to happen, but many people don't know that it's a symbol for purity.   If  you haven't been pure, you're supposed to wear an off-white color. (egg shell or something? I'm not good with colors that aren't in the ROY.G.BIV line up)  I mean, It's not a law, I just hate to see such a precious, honorable thing thrown to the wind just because people don't understand.

Purity isn't that hard, and it's worth it!! Being able to say you have have sex with one person, and he is the love of your life, is such a great feeling.  Being able to love your husband with everything in you is something beautiful and something not cherished anymore.  Love Stories are beautiful, when you let God write them. :)