Monday, September 19, 2011


I'm just going to be real right now.

This is one thing that I CAN NOT stand.
Fakers. We ALLLL know what I'm talking about...

Something I'm noticing more and more are fakers in the church.  Especially in my age group. I. CAN. NOT. STAND. IT.

Being Holy on Sundays and Wednesdays, then going to school cussing, drinking, dressing to wear everything hangs out, and dancing these "dances" that involve, being honest here, Things that shouldn't be done until your wedding night.   How can you even claim to be a "christian" when you partake in these things?  Then you ask people "Well... Why can I not reach my school for God?"  "Why do I feel like I'm not spreading the Word like I should?"

People watch EVERYTHING we do.  People listen to EVERYTHING we say.  Waiting for us to slip up.  Satan does a good job of stumbling us, why are we surrounding ourselves with people who cause even more problems in our walk?  Making a mistake is one thing, but purposely doing it... That's when your in a dangerous spot.   Now, you're lukewarm.  If even that.   I'm not saying I'm perfect, NO ONE IS. but  I do not set myself up for a chance for me too fail.

"I'm trying to witness to them, that the only reason why I hang out with the people who party and drink." Witness to them all you want, but once you start doing what they do, it's not witnessing anymore.

Most schools have this "FCS" Fellowship of Christian Students, or something along those lines, that meet maybe once a day or once a week, to have a little Devo. pray, and go to class...  I was recently at a large outting with people from from all over my town; I walked up to groups of people, who some of them I've seen walking out of FCS, and I wanted to throw up. Smoking? Cussing? I was dumbfounded.

Double life much?!  How in the world do you expect to reach people with Jesus, when his "follower" aren't living it.   You may have everyone else fooled on Sundays and Wednesdays, but you can't fool yourself. And you DEFINITELY can't fool God.  

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