Friday, September 2, 2011

A Beautiful White Wedding.

Soo.  Every little girl dreams of having a beautiful wedding, her perfect man standing at the end of the aisle, looking at her wide-eyes in awe of how lovely she looks.  Her, dressed in a beautiful white gown; holding a wonderful gathering of her favorite flowers in front of her.  Looking among the crowd, she sees her family and friends smiling, taking pictures, giving her the thumbs up.  Walking forward, she sees the two people who have cared for her the most, tears in her mother's eyes. Her father acting like he is totally normal, but dying on the inside just at the thought of giving away his baby girl. 

I was in a conversation with a peer today about how she wanted her wedding to be... She told me all about it, from the place, to the man, to the flowers, to the dress... OHHHH GUURRRLLL!!! The dress, she wanted to look BEAUTIFUL, in a long white dress.. But, she is one of those girls who, unfortunatly, haven't said pure for her husband...

A white wedding dress is a symbol for the woman's purity.  It represents that she waited for her one true love, the one that she does become one flesh with.  And I don't think that we honor that anymore. We act as if a white wedding dress is what is supposed to happen, but many people don't know that it's a symbol for purity.   If  you haven't been pure, you're supposed to wear an off-white color. (egg shell or something? I'm not good with colors that aren't in the ROY.G.BIV line up)  I mean, It's not a law, I just hate to see such a precious, honorable thing thrown to the wind just because people don't understand.

Purity isn't that hard, and it's worth it!! Being able to say you have have sex with one person, and he is the love of your life, is such a great feeling.  Being able to love your husband with everything in you is something beautiful and something not cherished anymore.  Love Stories are beautiful, when you let God write them. :)

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