Wednesday, August 31, 2011

They know your insane, but loves you just the same.

I believe that God has given us many gifts. And I firmly believe that the gift of friendship is one of them.

We all have friends,  surface friends, take-this-secret-to-the-grave friends, fake friends, friend friends, and best friends.

Surface friends: You know the people I'm talking about. You talk to the, but keep the conversation light and never anything deep. You might go get some coffee one day or something but other than that you don't really "hang-out" or anything.  Which these friends are totally fine, because you can't trust everyone.  You'll get burned really bad if you do.

take-this-secret-to-the-grave: I think we all probably have friends like this. That one person who something really deep about you. Or was with you when you BOTH did something really bad, or stupid. And whatever happened that day/night stay between you and that person. until the grave.

Fake Friends: I know we ALL have those.  Someone who you thought was your friend but stabs you in the back every time. or Just someone who is nice to you to your face then can turn around and say really nasty things about you.

Friends:  You probably hang-out and talk to these people more than surface friends. That's basically it. They probably also know more about you than the surface friends would.

But; what describes a best friend? That is probably different for every person. You definitely don't want someone who is constantly tearing you down; I mean, the devil does that enough by himself!

Maybe, a best friend is someone you can tell everything too. Maybe your best friend can read you like a book, you know what I mean, Just one glance and they know EXACTLY what you mean.  Maybe your best friend is your spouse, but hopefully you have at least one more than that, because, we ALL know that your spouse can drive you crazy. (well, I don't know that. because I'm 17 and obviously not married. Thank God)

I also think that, a best friend should be someone you can call up and they will make time to talk with you.  If you're having a problem, they will be there for you. They may not be able to solve it, But tat least you don't have to face it alone.   They won't judge you, or give harsh comments. (unless absolutely needed)  Ya know, Just be real.  I also think, that they shouldn't be afraid to be themselves.  In every way. 

I honestly pray for people that they can have that kind of friend.  Because, I really don't know where I'd be without a best friend.  She is someone who I feel like I can go to with anything, just to talk, laugh, cry, hang out, or pray with.  She has no clue how much I thank God for her. For EVERYTHING she has done for me, been there for me through, and just being that weird-o that I love! 

You possibly already have that kind of friend.   I just wanted to write this to... maybe warn people about fake friends, having that gaurd around your heart.  I don't go being all anti-social and such.  Just being careful. It will save you much pain in the early years of your life, and help you well on into adulthood. :)

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