Monday, August 22, 2011

Single and... Waiting for God to let me mingle??

Okay; So I've figured out that a major part of the "teenage years" is an awkward little thing life likes to call "dating."   And EVERYONE wants to know who you're dating or if you're dating, and it's like EVERYONE thinks you should be dating.

PERSONAL EXPERIENCE:  Honesty Here;  I'm 17. I've never been on a date, or too a dance or any of those "normal" things people my age are "supposed" to be doing.   Family get-togethers are always containing conversations like
Person: "So... You got a boyfriend."
Me: "No."
Or I can get sarcastic:
Person: "Soo. You got a boyfriend?"
Me: "Well, yeah."
Person: "Oh really? Who is he?! Where did you meet him?"
Me: "Well; I know him by Bigg Money$$ and he gave me some cash one time for me to... LOL JK. I don't have a boyfriend. Stop being nosey."

But seriously, I feel like, just because I'm a teenager people expect me to be jumping through hoops to getting a guys attention.  I think; God has a someone out there for me.  He could possibly be in my school or across the world. (and if not, God is enough for me through anything)but How would I feel if I was like most girls my age today, later met the guy God has for me and I have to tell him I've already slept someone.

Don't get me wrong, I know every relationship doesn't have sex before marriage, but WHY would I even want to place myself in position where sex or  something could get out of hand.   I have morals, and I stand firm in what I believe in.  I don't want to even be in a situation where I would think for A SECOND that crossing my moral line was okay.

 Now; would I think it's cool to maybe, be taken out on a date, well yeah.  I mean, I think it'd be pretty nifty. But, I'm not about to sacrifice myself and what I believe in just for some guy.  Us, females, have lowered our standards by SO MUCH.   I really don't understand why.  We are Princesses of the KING OF KINGS. Why are we settling for the court jests when we can have our real life Prince Charming?


  1. I agree with... everything! And I completely understand. I didn't go out on a "date" until I was 19. And I've only gone out on a "date" w/ 3 guys but after the second date I knew it wasn't what (or rather who) God had planned for me so I didn't continue. Now, I'm 24 and other people don't really like that I'm single. Really, I didn't think by this age I still would be BUT I trust the plan and trust Him... and I don't know why I'm talking about myself. ha!

    Anyway, proud of you! Even if I don't know you all that well. I think you are amazing and wish more teens shared your beliefs!!

  2. Love This! That title totally rocks - not many singles appreciate the risks of things getting out of hand, and most see themselves above the possibility succumbing. Virginity is is what every man and woman should consider priceless. Not only is it something one owes to their future spouse, but even more so, it's priceless to God. A princess you are, and don't stop blogging!

  3. Thanks So Much for your comments :)
    It makes me happy knowing people read these, and some agree! :)

  4. I am so proud of the woman you are.