Friday, November 4, 2011

Unite the community; then unite the world.

Something I've noticed with peers at my school, on the rare times we actually get on the subject of Jesus, that the conversation has an outline of something like this.
Student 1: "Yeah, I go to church in South Fulton."
Student 2: "Oh, I go to church in Union city."
S1: "We are having a youth night, Wanna come?"
S2: "Well.. It depends.. What do you believe?"
S1: "I'm baptist."
S2: "I'm (Insert any other religion), so I can't."

I've heard this happen many different times.  It makes me frustrated to hear that; because I don't understand what that has to do with anything.  That's why, even people ask me what I believe. I say "I believe God sent His son, Jesus. Jesus died for our sins. Back to life again. And I praise Him accordingly." 

Why does it matter what church someone goes too?  If they believe Jesus is the ONLY way to Heaven; and it's KINGDOM work, then why does church matter?  Jesus is Jesus. We are called to spread His news to all the world, and how do we expect to do that if we let church names get in our way?   Do you really think in Heaven there will be a Baptist section, or a Church of Christ section, or Pentecostal section?  Nah;   When the Bible says Jesus is coming back for his bride. It means the church.  Not any certain type of church, it's His true believers.

I know that as long as we are in these human bodies, we won't all get along, but I just wish that we could at least TRY to see the bigger picture here.  If we can come together in our community what makes us think that we can unite the world?

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