Friday, July 20, 2012

Rules and Regulations

Here recently, I feel like this whole "church" thing has become way too complicated. 
I mean, I'm all for being organized and such, but we have created so many rules, or "standards", that I feel aren't really even needed..

Something I really don't like is when people say they don't know how to pray.  I, personally, am not into fancy prayers.  God doesn't care if you pray in King James.  God doesn't care if you use big words.   All He wants is for you to acknowledge Him as God, and bring your worries, problems, and cares to Him.   Then, just thank Him for listening.    In the Bible, it talks about where is was disgusted by the Pharisee's fancy prayers.  Be cause they didn't have feelings/meaning behind it.  Maybe, your feelings can be expressed in big huge fancy words. Mine can't. I think God's just fine with that.  Prayer is seriously just talking to Him.

"I can't come to church, I don't have any good clothes." What??  I go to church all the time and all I wear is blue jeans and a shirt. and I'm talking about "dark blue jeans" and a "dressy top"  I show up in faded jeans and ninja shirts.  Because, I believe in a God who judges us on our hearts, not what we wear.  I mean, don't show up with Boob crack and butt crack hanging out.    Now, some of the older people in the church may have a problem, but once again.. You are there for GOD. Not them.

"I need to get myself  together before I go to church..."  Ummm. No. All Jesus said was "Follow me."  Just.. "Follow me."    No where in that sentence do I read "Okay, Go back, stop being bad, stop talking to him/her. Just stop being you."   Umm.. No.  "Follow me"   Just as you are.  Right here, in this moment.  He doesn't care who you are, but He believes in who you will be.

Jesus was frustrated with all the rules and regulations the Pharisee's had set up in Temple, as well as , across the land...   Why do we have so many rules in his temple now?

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