Saturday, February 18, 2012

Waiting On That.

I know you guys are sick of this topic but, It's something so incredibly dear to my heart.

I was sitting in one of my classes a few weeks ago, and one of my peers noticed the ring I wear every day on my ring finger.

Her: "What's that?"
Me: "A ring.."
Her: "Let me see it.... It reads "If God brings you to it, He'll bring you through it.  What is this?"
Me: "It just reminds me God's got my back... and I'm using it as my True Love Waits ring."

(I have absolutely no shame and I don't feel embarrassed to tell people It's a true love waits, or the fact that I feel that way.)

She says: "What are you waiting on..."

I mean, I have been made fun of for this.... for a long time.  I've even told that the "Only people who believe that are the people who can't find someone."    Does it bother me? No.. I mean, it used too.  It used to make me feel really horrible about myself.  I got over it. Simple as that.

Because, It absolutely breaks and shatters my heart when I see these girls.... and They feel worthless.. Because of some stupid guy.   These girls..  change themselves to fit what the guy wants.  I've seen a girl completely stop eating  just so she can "lose weight" because HER BOYFRIEND said she was TOO FAT.  Which she wasn't much bigger than I am.   To hear these girls "Oh my gosh, I just love him." one day... then the next week, "He broke up with me the day after we had sex."   I don't understand why people want to put themselves through that... Sex won't make him love, and a Baby won't make him stay.

Seeing these girls.. exposing themselves for the guys... who just want sex.  You're setting yourself up for heartbreak.. That's not asking for respect..  To put on globs of make-up where you don't even look like yourself. (I'm not saying make-up is bad.. I'm just saying you know when it's too much..)  Have this punk of a guy, look at you and call you names.. and you giggle and say "ha ha, oh stop it."   Stop lowering yourself.

So now... as think of her looking at my ring then looking up at me... saying "What are you waiting on."

I'm waiting on that guy who RESPECTS me.  I make A LOT of stupid mistakes, He's gonna have realize, tons of people have tried to fix that.[haha] I'm looking for the guy who I can actually have real conversations with.   I'm waiting on that guy who can handle my weirdness. I haven't changed for anyone yet, I'm not planning on it any time soon.  If he doesn't like to see me in my M&M fuzzy pants and my Camouflage  shirt with my hair a frizzy Afro hair in a bun, then he doesn't deserve me in wedding dress.  If he can't respect you while you're dating... in front of his and your friends.... what makes you think he will respect you when you're living together behind closed doors?    I'm waiting for that guy, who can be a spiritual leader of our household.  I'm waiting on that True Love.

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  1. I really enjoyed this Ashleigh. And I wish there were more girls like you. :) My only critique is....proofread. ;) Sorry, I can't help it!! lol My favorite subject in high school was English and grammar. Although, I should follow my own advice. lol

    Keep it up!